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The 45s that turned Clapton sideman Andy Fairweather Low on to blues

How the Amen Corner soul boy turned Roger Waters’ right hand was bent and shaped into a blues fan – thanks to a road trip with Eric Clapton.

"I got interested in picking the guitar up after seeing The Rolling Stones in Cardiff, at Sophia Gardens on February 28, 1964. The impact of that first time set me off, as well as hearing records by Chuck Berry and Otis Redding. By 1965 I was in my first band and Kenny the drummer put on a blues record at his house, an early Chess record, but the next one was Booker T and I immediately just stocked up on stuff like that from Spillers Records in town. “Cardiff’s a port area so lots of clubs, music and new things were brought into our world, just like in Liverpool. It was the black community around Tiger Bay that drove the change in culture. They dominated the fashion, the music, and they dominated the social habits – I mean smoking dope. It was a pretty lively time. We got into that and listening to soul records. Blues came later.


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