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Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band: Out Of The Darkness

Dave Innes of Gerry Jablonski And The Electric Band passed away just over a year ago, and the group’s future was thrown in doubt. But now the band are back with their best album yet.

It started with a spilt pint and could have ended after a tragic death, but Gerry Jablonski And The Electric Band are still standing… and they’re stronger than ever. “You want our story? It’s a long, old story,” laughs bandleader Jablonski. Luckily The Blues has plenty of time to take in this particular tale. Like so many great blues yarns, it’s laced with triumph, tragedy and a whole heap of sublime musicianship. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First we must head back to 2008. While seasoned bluesman Jablonski had already fronted bands on and off for many years, he was then coming to the end of a seven year acoustic solo stint. At this time, drummer Dave Innes set the wheels in motion for the birth of The Electric Band, even if Jablonski was a little, shall we say, cold to the idea at first. “Dave phoned me and asked if I fancied getting a band together,” he explains today. “And I told him to piss off!”


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