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Robb Flynn: Metallica used to make fun of Slayer!

The Machine Head frontman recalls the thrash rivalry

Machine Head frontman remembers thrash kings' radio ridicule, and recalls thinking Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman were "dicks".

Robb Flynn, talking exclusively to Metal Hammer, has been sharing his early memories of Slayer, as the Orange County thrash titans release long-awaited 12th album Repentless.

"My friend Craig Locicero played me the Show No Mercy album, and at the time, I was so crazy about Metallica and Exodus that it didn’t really impress me too much. Another factor at the time was that the local metal radio station, KUSF, hated Slayer. Metallica would go on the show and actually make fun of Slayer on the radio and it became a bit of a SF versus LA thing. After a while though, I didn’t care what the station thought, the record was just too good! I loved the song Black Magic, and soon enough Craig and I had started a band called Forbidden Evil (later Forbidden) and we were playing backyard kegger parties covering Whiplash and Black Magic."

Asked about the first time he met Slayer, Robb reveals his unflattering first impressions of the band's guitar duo. "It was 1988, in Philadelphia while I was touring with Vio-Lence. Tom was really nice, talked to us most of the night, but I thought Kerry and Jeff were dicks as they didn’t say a word to us!" laughs Robb.

On his favourite memory of seeing Slayer live, the singer/guitarist is spoilt for choice: "There's too many to mention, but a year ago, I celebrated my birthday and we were on the same bill together. I had a ton of friends come out to celebrate and to be side stage with all of them, watching Slayer, gloriously hammered-out-of-my-mind, singing along to every single Slayer song is still one of the coolest memories I have."
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