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Walter Trout - The journey back from Hell

Walter Trout’s latest release Battle Scars is a blow-by-blow concept album that traces his liver failure and fightback in hospital. The bandleader talks us through a harrowing tracklist.

When it came to the 42nd album of his career, Walter Trout found himself facing a dilemma. The blues had stopped calling. Having cheated death by a whisker in May 2014, and left hospital with a box-fresh liver, on a tidal wave of goodwill, he naturally wanted to capture that rebirth in song. “But I’d sit down to write,” Trout growls, “and every time, it came out flowery and smell-the-roses, all this bullshit. I had all the chords and licks. But my first attempt at a lyric was: ‘It’s great to see you after my fall/It’s great to see anyone at all.’ And I did feel that way, but when I put it down in music, it sounded fucking absurd. It didn’t have any depth. And I was like, ‘This isn’t it.’ Then my wife said, ‘Well, maybe you need to put yourself back there…’”


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