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Heavy Load:
Justin Hawkins

The Darkness frontman on spending money, being a proud dad and waking up in pain.

Justin Hawkins has come a long way in the nine years since he quit The Darkness and wound up in rehab after spending £150,000 on cocaine. Although the band reunited in 2011, he now lives a very different life. Having turned 40 on March 17, 2015, the now tee-total and drug-free singer currently resides in Switzerland with his wife and young child.

In one sense he hasn’t changed: there is in his conversation – and also in The Darkness’s latest album Last Of Our Kind – a knowing sense of the absurd. But when he considers the bigger questions about his life, a more serious side to Justin Hawkins is revealed.

What do you enjoy most about living in Switzerland?

The skiing, lederhosen, alpine horns and singing in the hills… and there’s some homoerotic wrestling that I’m obviously a big fan of.

Is wrestling in Switzerland more homoerotic than in other countries?

I think so, because there’s a lot of leather and brass involved. Maybe it’s just me, but the Swiss wrestlers wear leather instead of the normal Lycra leotards. It has a sort of horsey element to it, and that always spices things up in the bedroom for me as well.

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