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The Story Behind The Song: Heroes by David Bowie

Although Bowie’s Berlin-period anthem was initially something of a commercial failure, it became his most life-changing single.

One afternoon in July 1977, David Bowie was looking out of the window of Hansa Studio in Berlin when he noticed a couple kissing near the Berlin Wall.

“I always said it was a couple of lovers by the Wall that prompted the idea for Heroes,” Bowie tells Classic Rock. “Actually, it was [Bowie producer] Tony Visconti and his girlfriend. Tony was married at the time, so I couldn’t talk about it. But I can now say that the lovers were Tony and a German girl [Antonia Maass] that he’d met while we were in Berlin. I think possibly his marriage was in the last few months. And it was very touching because I could see that Tony was very much in love with this girl, and it was that relationship which sort of motivated the song.”

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