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Hot New Band: Let's Talk Daggers

Let’s Talk Daggers are carving their own eclectic hardcore niche.

“Well, you’re right, we  aren’t what you’d call a ‘metal’ band,” laughs Will Gunson, vocalist/ guitarist with Eastbourne’s Let’s Talk Daggers after it’s put to him that his band aren’t the usual Hammer fare. “But there are enough nods to that type of music. It’s just they’re surrounded by lots of other things, too.”

If you’re one of those hardy folk who like nothing but the sound of traditional heavy metal then you might have to move along here… although you’d be missing out. Let’s Talk Daggers have made one of the most bizarre, eclectic and head-fucking albums of 2015. A Beautiful Life is 12 tracks of genre-gobbling madness, veering from Slint-style post-rock time signatures to bellowing hook-filled choruses to grindcore-paced heavy guitar riffage and throat-shredding vocals. Quite who it’s for is an entirely different question.


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