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Houses Of The Unholy: Children Of Bodom's Alex Laiho

Children Of Bodom’s axe-wielding general Alexi Laiho isn’t just a speed freak on guitar – he’s also nuts for velocity of the four-wheeled kind. We step inside his obsession for fast cars…


“When I was a kid, my favourite TV show was Knight Rider, and KITT was my favourite car in the world. Ever since then, I was like, ‘I have to get one at some point.’ Once I started making a little bit of money out of music, I was saving up and I finally got one, a Pontiac Firebird. It was burgundy, it wasn’t black, but still good enough for me. That was my first.”

What others do you have?

“Another movie car, from a favourite movie of mine – from The Blues Brothers, the Bluesmobile, the ’74 Dodge Monaco, with a 7.3 litre V8. I had to get that one too. I still have that one. I’ve had it for 13 years now and I still use it, from March to November – I don’t drive it in winters. Those are in Helsinki. I live part-time in Los Angeles, and there I have a ’57 Plymouth Belvedere – which, funnily enough, is from another movie, Stephen King’s Christine. It’s the car that kills everybody.”

What makes that style of car so cool?

** “I love the way they look. They look so mean! All of those cars – especially the old-school ones – they look like they’re going to fucking kill you. They got that mean face, with the grille and everything. It’s the size of them; they’re huge, so therefore they’ve got to have a huge engine. The sound of the V8 is one of my favourite sounds in the world. When I go cruising around – which I do a lot – that’s a form of therapy for me. Let’s say I’m done with a day in the studio, I’ll take one of my cars out and go out cruising forever, with the windows rolled down, listening to the V8. Do a couple of burnouts and I’m good to go. I’m that guy!”


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