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10 Boston Places You Must Visit

Shipping up to Boston? Then you check out these rock'n'roll hotspots…

Tattooists, record shops, clubs and cafes – the 10 places you need to visit.

In Your Ear Records

We have a ton of record stores in town. And when I say records, I mean exactly that. In Your Ear is packed wall-to-wall with vinyl. Their conservative estimate is 100,000 albums, but it's probably a million. It's in a dusty basement that is also jammed with vintage stereo equipment, 70s Playboy magazines, porno movie posters, 8 track tapes, VHS tapes, cassettes, etc. etc. Heaven, basically. 

The Delta Spirit live at the Middle East

The Middle East 

The go-to rock club in town. There's four separate rooms of varying sizes (probably 50 people can fit into the bakery on the corner, you can jam 600 or so in the downstairs room), all of them filled with bands every single night of the year. If it was the only club in town, we'd still have a ridiculously busy music scene. 

WEMF Radio 

Traditional 'terrestrial' radio is on the wane, podcasting and online streaming are on the rise. WEMF scratches both itches. It's a fully-functioning radio station broadcasting live on-line that is quickly becoming the hub of the Boston rock scene, with bands either dropping in for interviews or live performances every day. Full disclosure: it's the home of the Sleazegrinder Super Rock Power Hour, but that only sweetens the pot, really. 

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