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2015 – the burning questions: how did Dave Grohl build his throne?

How did the Foo Fighters frontman make his throne of guitars a reality?

Actually, he didn’t. His lighting director, Dan Hadley, did. And this is how…

When you took the job, did you ever expect to have to design a throne made of guitars?

No. But expectations are never realistic anyway. You can never predict what you’re gonna have to do in this job. This probably takes the cake though. 

Dave said he designed the throne while “high as a kite” on morphine. What were your first thoughts when you saw his sketch?

We were waiting to see what was going to be happening. I’d already been looking at every sort of seating arrangement; I was looking at more low-profile things. But Dave made the very good point that if we’re gonna go for it, we need to go all the way. So at that point it was: “Okay, let’s go.” And I’d already started making some drawings which weren’t completely out of the realms… I mean, there’s not a huge variation among thrones.

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