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50 Best Albums Of 2015 #10-#7

From Biters to Blackberry Smoke, the countdown continues...

Our best albums of 2015, numbers 10 to 7.


Electric Blood (Earache)

If the past 12 months have seen the green shoots of a return to old fashioned rock’n’roll values, then Biters were the ones holding the watering can. Like kindred spirits We Are Harlot and H.e.a.t, the Atlanta four-piece wore their 70s and 80s influences (Cheap Trick, Ramones, Thin Lizzy) on the sleeves of their second-hand leather jackets.

Their second album (and first for former death metal label Earache, recently reinvented as the home of classic guitar rock) was a cocky, boozy romp that placed a premium on big tunes and good times. The main difference here was that unlike the many bands before them who have tried, and failed, to bring the party back, Biters are a band you can truly believe in.

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