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50 Best Albums of 2015 #6

Killing Joke – Pylon (Spinefarm)

More like a post-punk warrior cult than a band, Killing Joke have been casting potent musical spells for nearly four decades. Pylon, the veteran quartet’s 16th album, is vintage Joke with its jagged guitar riffs, tribal drums and fiery prophecies of impending global disaster.

But as their hyper-intense frontman Jaz Coleman explains, these cathartic doom anthems have been his salvation.

“Without the therapeutic quality of Killing Joke for personalities like ours, we could have easily become criminals or murderers,” says the 55-year-old shamanic street preacher. “Killing Joke is an effective surrogate for the war impulse, especially in young males. Ultimately I think it’s a force for good, and that’s what’s kept me going over the years. I really do believe in the therapeutic benefits of violent art forms.”

Killing Joke’s classic late-70s line-up of Coleman, bassist Youth, guitarist ‘Geordie’ Walker and drummer Paul Ferguson reunited in 2008 and are still together seven years later. The old gang, with all the same tensions. 

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