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2015: A Year In Metal - The Fox Priestess to The Survivor

The furry deity has guided Su-Metal through Babymetal’s biggest year

In the endless hype and controversy that has surrounded the rise of Babymetal in 2015, it’s easy to forget that at the heart of it all are three teenagers simply doing what they love.

One of those girls, Su-Metal, has already accomplished more in her 17 years than she could have ever imagined. Her personal highlight of the last 12 months was standing onstage at Reading and Leeds festivals, flanked by partners-in-crime Moametal and Yuimetal, in front of hundreds of devotees.

“We were the first on and I had heard that no one shows up to catch the opening act, so I imagined we would be performing in front of almost no one,” she remembers. “But that was not the case at all; so many people showed up for our set, and even those who were watching us sceptically at first started smiling at some point, and even putting up their Fox Signs. That boosted my confidence and helped me believe that we did well.”

While Su-Metal is under no impression that everyone is a fan of Babymetal, the number of people converting to the Fox God cause this year has made her determined to succeed at all costs – no matter what the naysayers might think. As their army swells,the trio are becoming unstoppable.

“We did our second world tour this year and I noticed that more people know who we are now – lots of people come and say hi to us at festivals,” she adds. “Through all the shows and festivals we have performed, the thing that I realise the most about our growth is that no matter what comes our way, when the three of us come together, we now know that we can overcome anything.”


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