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2015: A Year In Metal - The Risk-Taker

Parkway Drive’s Winston spread his wings and flew in the face of fear

Few bands took a leap of faith in 2015 like Parkway Drive.

For them, it was a chance to take a stab at greatness, as Ire saw their tried-and-tested metalcore formula progress into a big, bold, arena-worthy sound. For vocalist Winston McCall in particular, it was a very literal leap that propelled him into a year that, perhaps ironically, has seen him flying ever since.

“A big moment for me was making the Vice Grip video,” he reveals. “The parachute jump was life-changing. I was terrified of heights, and to do that, to conquer that fear, has really changed me. It was amazing to see so many people react to that, and when we played that song and heard so many people singing it back at Download before the album was even out, that was another indicator that Ire was going to connect with people.”

Connect it did: 2015 was the year that saw Parkway seemingly graduate into metal’s big leagues – and it left Winston and his pals no time for slacking.

“It’s certainly been a hell of a lot of hard work,” he admits with a chuckled sigh. “This year I think I’ve surfed the least that I ever have since this band started, because I’ve been so busy. I’m not complaining, though! It seems like people really want to talk to us now, and it’s been overwhelming. It’s been our hardest working year, but also the year where we exceeded our expectations more than ever.”


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