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Hot New Band: Turbid North

From Alaska to Texas, Turbid North are getting metal’s hands dirty.

Travel broadens the mind, but it’s hard to imagine the culture shock that Turbid North endured when they left their home in Alaska and relocated to the dusty, sun-scorched plains of Texas a few years ago.

Somehow, though, the impact of moving from subzero snowscapes to one of the hottest places in the US seems to have added more depth and power to this trio’s vicious blend of filthy thrash and hulking doom.

“Living in Alaska inspired me to write with more imagery and scale,” says frontman Nick Forkel. “It’s an amazing place, but it’s also cold and dark for six to eight months of the year. Being stuck inside for those long winters, all you could do was write riffs! Texas showed us what the ‘real’ music world is like. We love our little scene up in Alaska but when we got to Texas, we were babies. Being among a ton of killer local bands in Texas really humbled us and drove us to work harder. I still can’t stand the heat, but I’ll take it over -60˚ any day!”


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