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2016 Preview: Joe Bonamassa

Mr Post-Millennium Blues returns with a rough ’n’ ready twelfth album that “will need to be played loud”.

If recent soundbites are to be believed, and Joe Bonamassa really does intend to retire when he’s 69, then the blues-rock colossus needs to crack on.

Perhaps that explains why the 38-year-old tracked his twelfth album in a breakneck five days, with long-standing producer Kevin Shirley pushing his man to spare the polish. 

“Kevin wanted me to be hungry for something more,” Bonamassa says, “and angry at making the music sound right. Really passionate. He wanted less conservative tracks where I sometimes play it safe. That means I fought with the solos to really go out there and have that rough edge. The album sounds energetic and what rock music needs to be: less precise and thought-out. Of course the blues roots are there, but this record will need to be played loud.”


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