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2016 Preview: Santana

Latino guitar ace welcomes Schon and Rolie back into the Santana fold, and more besides.

Guitar legend Carlos Santana has two projects he’s certain will come to fruition this year, and a couple of others he expects to complete as well.

The first, and most noteworthy, is Santana IV, a project that reunites him with Santana band members from the early 70s, including singer/keyboard player Gregg Rolie and guitarist Neal Schon, the duo who went on to form Journey. The album is recorded, and Carlos plans to have the group on the road to support it.

“It sounds great,” he says. “There’s so much energy. The songs are so vibrant, and I’m really, really grateful. I’ve never heard Gregg sound better; we know he can play, but his voice has never been better. And Neal is one of the baddest guitar players around. It’s just been a great joy all the way, and we can’t wait for people to hear it.”


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