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Critics' Choice 2015 - Anekdoten

Check out the Prog writers' top albums of 2015

Every day over the festive period we'll be bringing you some music from the 2015 Critics' Choice...

"Awash with Mellotron, melodies, mystery and killer beats," said reviewer Grant Moon of the Swedish prog outfit's sixth album, Until All The Ghosts Are Gone, the band;s first for eight years. "We were having babies amd starting families," Ankedoten mainman Nicklas Barker told Prog in May of the lengthy gap between albums. "Things that just happen. And it's been hard for the four of us to meet up every day, or even every week."

Coming in at No. 17 in the 2015 Critics' Choice, you could say that Prog's writers were pretty happy the band made the effort. Here's the track Get Out Alive...

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