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Raw Power: ED-PHON3S

Maiden-branded headphones are not any old iron.

Like most artists with an eye on merch revenue, Iron Maiden have done all manner of branded clothing and accessories, and plenty more too.

But having their ever-present mascot Eddie, it was surely only a matter of time before they had their own brand of… Edphones! Well, now they have – and no prizes for guessing that they’re called ED-PHON3S.

As we’ve bemoaned before in Raw Power, headphones have for years now been seen by many as a fashion accessory rather than a serious piece of music-listening kit, and too many of them really are just grossly overpriced, underperforming tat. Thankfully the ED-PHON3S, from Iron Maiden and award-winning Japanese electronics company Onkyo, do not fall into that category. 


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