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Steve Clark: Def Leppard's lost guitar icon

The death of Steve Clark in January 1991 robbed Def Leppard of their heartbeat. Twenty-five years on, the people who knew him best look back on an unsung hero.

“Man, when I tell you he was cool, he was red hot. I mean, he was Steamin’.” - with apologies to Phil Lynott

If the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal had one fault, it was that it didn’t throw up too many hot young guitar heroes. Indeed, it’s a curious experience, looking back at the six-stringers who came to prominence during the ground-breaking UK rock explosion that straddled the late 1970s and early 80s. There was Paul Samson of Samson, a grizzled old stager whose blues-rock heart was obliterated by pyro and eclipsed by the bizarre antics of hooded drummer Thunderstick. 

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