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The Story Behind The Song: The Logical Song by Supertramp

Acceptable, respectable, presentable… a vegetable?! How a Beatle-approved existential pop-rock masterpiece turned its creators into unlikely transatlantic superstars.

In 1979, Paul McCartney was asked to name his favourite song of the year. He chose The Logical Song by Supertramp.

For Roger Hodgson, Supertramp’s co-leader, it was the greatest of compliments. “Having been brought up on The Beatles,” he says, “it was wonderful to hear Paul McCartney loved my song.” 

But Hodgson always knew The Logical Song was something special. “When you’re writing a song,” he says, “sometimes you feel like you’re eighty per cent successful, but with The Logical Song I felt like I’d nailed it one hundred per cent. As a melody, a lyric, an arrangement and a recording, it really is perfect in its completeness.”

 The Logical Song was the biggest hit of Supertramp’s career, reaching the Top Ten in the US and UK, and transforming parent album Breakfast In America into a chart-topping, multimillion-selling phenomenon. It also won a prestigious Ivor Novello award for Best Song Musically And Lyrically. And as Hodgson acknowledges, it was the lyrical content, as much as the expertly crafted music, that made The Logical Song connect with such a huge audience. “A great song,” he says, “is one that people can relate to, that touches them, makes them feel something.” 

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