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Does Keef still want to be in the Rolling Stones?

Following a huge Stones tour and the release of an acclaimed solo album, the guitarist shares his plans for the future. Clue: he ain’t slowing down just yet…

The recording studio is one of Keith Richards’s few remaining addictions, albeit one of the more benevolent among the many he has known in his 50-plus years as guitarist and co-leader of the Rolling Stones.

“Yeah, I’d agree with that,” Richards admits with a laugh grown raspy from an unfathomable number of cigarettes and potent beverages. “The studio is certainly one of my more productive addictions. I just love recording – especially with the guys I work with. The recording studio is basically my second home. I can feel quite good there; wander around and put tracks down until you think you’ve got something.”

Shortly after the completion of his 2010 autobiography, Life, Richards found himself jonesing for a studio fix. “I didn’t believe how long that process ended up taking,” he says of the book project. “So by the time that was finished, I realised I hadn’t been in the studio for four years!”


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