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7 reasons Cane Hill are going to rule your 2016

Not heard of Cane Hill? That's all about to change...

They're the band everyone is talking about – and here's why you should care!

1. They Sound Like No One Else
Cane Hill have mashed up influences, sounds and eras to create a whole new animal. “We pretty much only listen to Pantera, Megadeth and Metallica,” laughs frontman Elijah Witt. “So if you take everything from the 80s and put it into a pile of nu metal, it’s kinda like that!” So that’s the bounce of Korn, the groove of Pantera and the chaos of Slipknot? Works for us.

2. They're Pissed Off
Anyone who listened to last year’s ferocious, shamelessly angsty self-titled EP will know that Cane Hill are not a band to play to your grandma during an Antiques Roadshow break. This is ugly, violent music – and it’s awesome. ‘I’m a time bomb – just let me off!’ screeches Elijah on their stomping Time Bomb single. The vitriol he’s spitting out makes us think he’s not bluffing.


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