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This is the world according to Maria Brink

Step inside the mind of the In This Moment visionary

As In This Moment bring their musical circus back to ever-bigger stages, we get inside the head of the woman behind the controversy and the chaos

“So many people have inspired my singing style. For female vocalists, I’d say Lisa Gerrard [composer, and singer with Dead Can Dance], because she’s just enchanting. For male vocalists, the list is so long – Trent Reznor, Chino Moreno... Luckily, knock on wood, I don’t usually lose my voice. I don’t really warm up; I feel like I have to get ready mentally more than I do physically. I do think singers should warm up, obviously, but most people have a different routine, and mine involves creating the mindset where I can become the characters in the songs. If I do that, the voice just comes.”

“I started directing to make sense of the ideas that were in my head. I’m such a passionate person that, if I come up with a song, it only makes sense for me to build the conceptual idea around that song. I don’t just think, ‘Oh, there’s that song’ – I start to think up stories and characters that inhabit the world of that song. I’ve co-directed with Robert Kley, who’s more the cinematographer – the artist, if you like – and he’s amazing. But it’s something I’d like to do more of. I’d like to get into films and acting – it’s the same energy where you can leave your life behind and escape reality. It’s very exciting, it’s all imagination.”


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