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Who will be the Comeback Kings of 2016?

Killswitch, Architects, Satyricon, Watain... the list goes on!

There are a lot of new albums on the horizon over the next 12 months, just look!

Killswitch Engage

Jesse's digging deep to make the next record count

What was it like writing from scratch with Killswitch Engage again?
Jesse Leach (vocals): "“This record was the most mentally challenging one of my career. I really plunged myself into the darker places of my mind, allowed myself to lose control, and came to some honest realisations about myself.”

**That sounds intense!
**“I gave this album so much of myself, I have become a slightly different person because of it. There are pieces of me left behind on that record. My entire perspective on life has changed and I’ll never be the same person I was when I started it.”

How's it sounding then?
“It’s the most diverse record we’ve done. It runs the gamut tempo-wise, as well as stylistically. I pushed my range and found a comfortable place at the top of my voice to give these songs that extra intensity. I also managed to get Joel [Stroetzel, guitar] to sing harmonies on a few songs, so there is a third voice in the mix aside from Adam [Dutkiewicz, guitar] and myself. This is our most adventurous album and I wouldn’t change a damn thing on it.”

What else have you got planned for 2016?
“We’ve a long-awaited DVD/documentary with live footage, interviews, nonsense and a band profile of sorts. At the moment there are also new Times Of Grace demos kicking around, as well as my other project, The Empire Shall Fall. However, the current KSE record took a great deal out of me and has left me a bit broken! I just hope that those who hear it will be able to take something from it.”

Avenged Sevenfold

There's no telling what direction they'll go next

Last month, new Avenged drummer Brooks Wackerman exclusively revealed to us that the next A7X album would be “taking risks”, and given the unpredictable path the OC mega-weights have treaded thus far, you’d have to assume that’s not hot air. “We never write on the road,” insisted frontman M Shadows at the end of last year, adding that the band should be writing “by the summer”. If that’s still the plan, then expect to see brand new music come our way by winter. What it’ll sound like, though, is anyone’s guess.


The big guns will be blazing again

"We’re bringing a tank!” Safe to say, Sabaton don’t do things by halves, and the Swedish power metal warriors will be returning to our shores in March with pirate metal berks Alestorm. “We’re going to start the year by releasing a live DVD,” adds frontman Joakim Brodén, “and a new album will come out at the end of the summer. We have lots of ideas and we’re working at full speed! We’re comfortable that it’s gonna be better than anything we’ve done before.” Our prediction: songs about fighting. Really, really, good ones.


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