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The First Time I Met The Blues: Jon Harvey

The frontman and bassist for Canadian hard-rockers Monster Truck explains why he can’t start the day without filling up on the blues...

You wouldn't call Monster Truck a straight blues band, but the genre is ingrained in their hard-as-hell brand of rock. For vocalist/bassist Jon Harvey, the blues was an integral part of his upbringing in Hamilton, Ontario – and remains a firm love today. We caught up with him prior to the release of the Truck’s new album Sittin’ Heavy to talk breakfast blues, Muddy Waters and their surprise T-shirt boom.

How did you get into the blues?
My old man always listened to blues. He’s a player too, and when I was growing up he’d sit around on a Sunday morning playing blues on an acoustic guitar. So we’ve always been listening to Muddy Waters, all the classic Delta stuff, the Chicago stuff...

What was your first blues record?
The first record that got to me was Savoy Brown’s Getting To The Point. I was 16 and I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been listening to it every day, or once a week at least, for the past 20 years.


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