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66 from '66 – B-E

The 66 records that built rock as we know it – all from 1966.

Our 66 from '66, B-E.

The Byrds

Fifth Dimension 

Columbia, July 18, 1966

The trippy mosaic logo on the front cover signalled the latest stop on The Byrds’ timeless flight. The former folk rockers were now harbingers of psychedelia. Gone were the Dylan covers; gone too was Gene Clark, although there was one final contribution from him, an audacious team-up with David Crosby and Roger McGuinn called Eight Miles High, whose guitar extrapolations drew on free jazz for a new tonal quality christened ‘raga rock’. If the lyrical subject matter – alien visitations (Mr Spaceman), Einstein’s theory of relativity (5D) – was quixotic, the music inside was a crazy patchwork.


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