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Remembering Lemmy: The Bad Influence – Ross Halfin

"Lemmy took out a large plastic bag of white powder, and a huge knife…"

Photographer Ross Halfin recalls Mr Kilmister's instant cure for jetlag.

I’d gone to the Old Waldorf club in San Francisco to meet up with the band. As they were waiting for soundcheck, I suggested we shoot outside in front of the venue.

I’d only got in from London the night before and was super-jet-lagged. Lemmy looked at me and said: “Let me help you, I’ve got the best cure for that.” He then pulled out a large plastic bag of white powder, and a huge knife. Sticking the knife in the powder, he said: “Have some of this.” I snorted two small piles of it. So did Lemmy. “How is it?” he grinned. By now I was crying. I felt like I was about to take off in a rocket. Lemmy looked perfectly normal. I then took this photo [below] outside the club; it was four p.m. Looking at it now, Lemmy looks as if he’s about to take off as well.

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