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Remembering Lemmy: The Friend – Nigel Mogg

"Even though he was ill everyone thought he'd go on forever."

Still, at least Lemmy told Nigel that being in a band called The Queerboys wasn't such a good idea…

The first bass that I ever bought was a black Rickenbacker, chosen because Lemmy had one. He was such an influence on me, it was an honour that he became a friend.

I first met him at the St Moritz Club in Wardour Street, opposite the old Marquee club. He’d stand there at the fruit machine and the head would tilt whenever someone walked down the stairs. If he knew you, there’d be a nod. I started to get that nod, which led to a “Hello, mate” and from there to “Do you want a drink?” When I told him I had joined this band The Queerboys, who became The Quireboys, Lemmy’s reply was, “You’ve got to change that name, mate.” And of course the pressure made us do just that, so he was quite right.

On one of those St Moritz nights I told him that The Queerboys were going out on tour for the first time, but I was worried because I only had one bass. He said to meet him back there the following day. Sure enough, there he stood at the fruit machine holding a Telecaster bass copy in shocking pink. “Here – take that, and make sure you bring it back.” Spike and Guy Bailey couldn’t believe it… “Lemmy lent you that?” I’m still not sure if he was taking the piss because we were called The Queerboys. 

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