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Remembering Lemmy: The Mentor – Samantha Fox

"My mum used to say: 'I've got to feed you up, Lemmy. You need a good roast dinner.'"

Lemmy and Samantha Fox were the unlikeliest of partnerships – until The Nolans came along, that is…

I first met Lemmy when I was just 17. We were at a Capital Radio charity event – it was a spaghetti-eating competition. It was me against Lemmy, and we had to see who could eat this pasta dish the quickest. It was a really fun night and we got on together as mates. He asked me about my career and I told him I was a model, then he asked me what music I liked and I told him I was a frustrated rocker, really. So he invited me to come over to his house to write some songs.

We just got on so well. We started talking about music, and what really made me laugh was that he put on a VHS tape of ABBA and said they were his favourite band. He knew a great pop tune when he heard one, you know?

We wrote a song called Beauty And The Beast. We even started planning what we were going to do in the video. It was going to start with our backs to the camera, doing our make-up, we were going to turn around… and Lemmy would be playing me, with a blonde wig on, and I was going to be dressed as him.

He offered me a Jack Daniel’s. I said, “Oooh, I’ve never had one of them before.” I was more of a white wine spritzer girl. So we had a few Jack Daniel’s and, as you can imagine, the ideas started flowing and the song got madder and madder.

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