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Remembering Lemmy: The Road Warrior – by Biff Byford

"We watched porn endlessly…"

The Saxon frontman mourns the demise of "the Mad max of rock'n'roll".

Lemmy was undeniably the king of the road warriors. Being on tour was where he felt he belonged. Being on a tour bus, surrounded by people that he knew and loved, was where he felt happiest.

I first met Lemmy in ’79 when Saxon supported Motörhead on the Bomber tour. They were in the front of the bus and we had the back, and we watched porn endlessly. He seemed a little quieter than I’d expected, but there were hidden depths, and once you got to know him he was the life and soul of the party. That was certainly the case in the early days, but towards the end he mellowed out a little. His final two or three years were a little more moderate because they had to be.

That first tour together in ’79 was a great experience. Each night when Motörhead were ready to go on stage he’d shout: “Cunnilingus!’. That was their stage call.

From then onwards, Lemmy became Saxon’s unofficial mentor. He impressed upon us the importance of never letting your fans down. Refusing to sign an autograph was unforgiveable.

Lemmy was a really great guy. Yes, of course he was a hellraiser, but there was also quite a gentle side to him. He could empty the dressing room with a simple look, but he was incredibly popular right around the world.

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