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TR+ Extended Version – Welcome Back: Anthrax

The thrash pioneers return with a new album, proving that being a married dad hasn’t curbed Scott Ian’s fury.

In 2016, Scott Ian – he of the beard and baggy shorts – celebrates 35 years as the guitarist and creative mainstay of Anthrax.

The band, one of thrash metal’s Big Four along with Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer, will be releasing For All Kings; a fast and furious collection full of righteous loathing towards extremists of every hue, that will delight fans of their last album, Worship Music. “People who liked Worship Music will love this album,” promises the happily married dad of one and son-in-law of Meat Loaf. “It’s just a better record.” Now all he’s got to do is hope his back holds out…

Your 2014 biography I’m The Man ends on an up note, with you resolving personal and career issues, but Anthrax’s new album has a heavy, indignant feel. Were you in a dark place recording it?

Well, we live in a dark place: Planet Earth, which is infested with humanity. I’m an optimist by nature and a happy person when I’m in my bubble with my family and friends. But we’re all stuck on this planet with a bunch of fucking assholes, so that’s where most of the darkness on the record comes from. 

Is Evil Twin a post-Charlie Ebdo song?

It’s not specifically about that. That was just the straw that broke my back and I needed a way to vent about it. It’s about any murders in the name of religious extremism or ideology that I have borne witness to in my lifetime.

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