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This is what it sounds like when you play every Motorhead song at once

265 Motorhead songs played at the same time. How long can you listen for?

In what we presume is an off-the-wall tribute to Lemmy, one mysterious Soundcloud user has mixed together 265 different Motorhead songs into one impenetrable, six-and-a-half-minute wall of noise.

"It's peak Motorhead," says the the mix's author, who goes by the name of Motörphonics. "It's 265 tracks played at the same time. It's every track from the 22 studio albums, plus the On Parole collection, and the Beer Drinkers and St. Valentine's Day Massacre EPs. It's pointless, and kinda hypnotic."

And, if you ask us, it's also kinda demented. You can listen below, with bonus points available to anyone able to endure the "song" until its "climax".

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