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Why Supergroups Matter, By Tobias Sammet

All-star jams can be dreadful, but metal's love for inter-band team-ups is growing. Serial collaborator Tobias Sammet has a simple message.

Everybody needs a hobby. A musician's hobby is his band, most of the time. If you work hard you can turn your hobby into your profession. But after a while you realise: now that you have found a new job in your former hobby, you need a new hobby! Jesus, it‘s a vicious circle that gave birth to a new species loved by progressive music nerds, and one not given a shit about by the reasonable rest of the world. May I introduce you to the by-product of the self-fulfillment of ageing songwriters trying to break out of their routine, bass players who feel suppressed by band leaders and drummers that simply want to release the 32 songs they have amassed over the last couple of decades; songs that the band's respective producers simply didn‘t consider appropriate for the main band's albums - ladies and gentleman: The Supergroup!


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