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How Ben Bruce keeps Asking Alexandria's ship steady

Ben Bruce has commanded Asking Alexandria for eight turbulent years, and his grip isn’t getting any softer

Ben Bruce is having a difficult day. He is calling us from Hawaii during some rare downtime, but this morning he woke up to an emotional text message from his mum back home. “It said: ‘You need to fly back to England soon because you didn’t see your sister once in 2015 and she misses you. You haven’t seen your grandmother in two years, and she’s got Alzheimer’s, and we don’t even know how long she’ll remember you for,’” he tells us, letting out a sigh. “I miss my family – that’s been a huge sacrifice.”

The frontman pauses for breath, before adding: “I’m also going through a divorce right now. But I’ve just pushed it all onto the back burner so I can take this band to wherever they can be. If I was happy all the time, I’d have nothing to write and sing about. Asking Alexandria is my biggest passion...”

It’s clear that Ben’s laser focus on his band has taken a huge toll on his personal life. But Asking Alexandria has always been his dream; his responsibility. In eight lightning-quick years, they’ve far surpassed all reasonable expectations, initially dominating the metal scene of their adopted home in the US before returning home to the UK as conquering heroes, confirming themselves as one of the biggest British metal bands of the 21st century. Through it all, Ben has steered his ship with unerring confidence, surviving critical apathy, a tsunami of haters and, of course, the departure of his lead singer, Danny Worsnop, last year. Whatever obstacles the 27-year-old faces now are the latest in a long line, and are making him ever more determined to push on with his passions. But then, manning the frontlines of a successful band is a career that Ben seems to have been destined for right from the start...


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