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Is Lemmy god?

Lemmy was more than a rock star. The Motörhead man transcended his own legacy to become an icon of mythical proportions

At the start of the great 2010 documentary Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker. 51% Son Of A Bitch, delirious fans are recorded proclaiming that Lemmy is “God” and “Jesus”. Lots of rock stars are worshipped, but few become actual deities while they’re still alive.

“We put the teaser online two years before the film came out,” says co-director Wes Orshoski, “and fans got really pissed at having to wait. Sometimes they’d be hilarious: someone might berate you for taking so long to finish the film, and then end the email with ‘LEMMY IS GOD!’ ‘Lemmy is God!’ was in most of their emails...”

“He did become known as this mythical figure,” says PR Nik Moore. “When in reality, he did what you or I wanted to do when we were 14 or 16, and then just carried on!”


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