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Lemmy's friends share their favourite stories

Lemmy's dogs of war

We asked some fellow legends to tell us their favourite Lemmy memories. They did not disappoint. Debauchery, cross-dressing and horse shit... it's all here

Biff Byford, Saxon

“The first time we toured with Motörhead on the Bomber tour in 1979, we shared a bus. During the tour, they were invited to do [classic BBC music show] Top Of The Pops. We couldn’t go with them, so we went out for a meal, but later on when we returned to the bus, it was full of incredible-looking women – models, mostly, and all dressed as waitresses. Being newbies, we were absolutely in awe of that. You know, ‘Fuck... this is the life.’ Sadly, we weren’t allowed to do anything with them... they were Motörhead’s girls.”

Max Cavalera, Soulfly

“My first encounter with Lemmy was a classic. Sepultura were on tour in 1989 with Sodom, and we were in London, playing the Marquee. We went to this little downstairs pub, and on the other side of the bar there was Lemmy playing his fruit machine! We almost fucking dropped dead. I got my courage together and I went over, saying, ‘Hey Lemmy, I’m from Brazil, you’re my hero!’ He was trying to concentrate on his fruit machine, but I just kept talking until he took his glass of whisky and poured the whole thing over my head. I went back to the table and I said to Andreas [Kisser, Sepultura guitarist]: ‘I just got baptised! Lemmy just baptised me with whisky!’ I was so happy.”

Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath

“I remember on one occasion, Lemmy came into our dressing room with a birthday cake for me. But it wasn’t Lemmy as you would expect to see him: he had on a black dress, stockings and high heels, and he was wearing make-up! He looked a right sight! Did I fancy him? You’re joking! It’s still Lemmy...”


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