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Lemmy was a fashion icon

Lemmy was such an effortless badass that whole generations of bands have been trying to rip off his style!

While it’s hard to imagine what metal’s musical landscape would look like in 2016 without the direct influence of Motörhead, their – and in particular Lemmy’s – impact on our world does by no means stop there. In fact, so towering has Lemmy’s presence been across the last 40 years that the shadow cast in his wake reaches right through metal culture and straight across popular culture itself.

While the band’s first three albums – 1977’s self-titled debut and 1979’s storming double-whammy of Overkill and Bomber – laid down the blueprint that would come to define the future of fast and heavy music, 1980’s hallmark Ace Of Spades didn’t just produce the single that’d bring Motörhead worldwide fame – its cover sparked a bona fide heavy metal fashion revolution. That timeless image of three leather-clad desperados, decked in bulletbelts, cowboy hats and the boots to match, was as striking as it was fucking badass, laying down a look that’d dictate the wardrobe of choice for bands, fans and posers alike for decades to come.


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