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Mikkey Dee remembers Lemmy

For the final say in our Motörhead tribute, we left it to Lemmy's Motörhead bandmate and dear friend, Mikkey Dee. Over to you, Mikkey...

"Lemmy is gone, but this is not a time for sadness. He would not have wanted that. Don’t sit and cry in a fucking drink when you can drink it and celebrate a great, great life.

This is something that Lem and I talked about many times. He said, 'All my life I've been living one big long party, and I’ve had the greatest job in the world.’ And I told him, ‘No, you had the greatest hobby in the world.’ Because Motörhead was not a job. We lived a dream – to travel all over the world, to play this great music, and to see all these smiling faces out there every night. He often said to me, ‘It can’t get better than this.’ He loved his life and he didn’t regret a minute of it.


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