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Proof that Lemmy was the nicest guy in rock 'n' roll

For all the amazing stories that have emerged in his wake, one thing unites them all: the guy was as genuine and decent a man as you could ever meet

It wasn’t just his standing as a rock’n’roll overlord that made Lemmy so endearing to so many people. Motörhead’s leader proved you could be 100% rock star while being 0% wanker. He had no time for look-at-me insecurity, being too busy thinking about rock’n’roll, women, fruit machines or World War II. But especially rock’n’roll. And because Lemmy remained a fan, unlike many who crossed the line between ‘musician’ and ‘rock star’, he understood being a fan.

“In 20 years,” testifies PR Nik Moore, “I never saw him refuse an autograph or photograph. His whole attitude was, ‘These people pay into my lifestyle!’”

“He never hid,” marvels Gutterdämmerung director Björn Tagemose. “In LA, he’d be in the Rainbow and in Berlin he’d be in the White Trash bar. After people got over that, they forgot he was playing the pinball machine: he was just part of the group, hanging out that night.”


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