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The Gospel According To Andy Biersack

He has a whole army behind him, but what really makes Black Veil Brides' commander-in-chief tick?

With Andy Biersack's first debut album looming, we delve into the mind of the man they now call Andy Black.

Your Ambitions And Dreams Change Over Time

“But my all-encompassing goal was to make something that represented my love of music. And my dream was to do that, whatever that was: be it getting my ideas and lyrics out there, or singing songs, or just being in a band. Just to be able to tread the same path as those people who meant so much to me.”

My Introduction To Music Was Through My Parents

“My dad listened to Kiss and AC/DC and Aerosmith and Twisted Sister, and a lot of that kind of stuff. Whereas my mom liked mostly Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and those singer-songwriter types. I really fell in love with the lyrics and storytelling of the music that my mom listened to, and I also loved the theatricality and over-the-top ridiculousness of the hard rock. And the marriage of both is what led me to punk rock bands.”


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