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What happened at Megadeth's rare, intimate London show?

In November, Megadeth hit London for a rare, intimate show. Here’s how it went down...

London’s tiny 12 Bar Club is buzzing with excitement. Tonight, members of fan club the Megadeth Cyber Army are in town to watch tribute band Megadeth UK – and they’ve been promised an appearance from Megadeth themselves. Nobody can quite believe that Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson, Chris Adler and Kiko Loureiro will be squeezing onto the small stage of a 400-capacity venue to crank out songs using their tribute band’s gear.

“This was Dave Mustaine’s idea,” reveals bar manager Andre Joyzi, who also drums in Breed 77. “They didn’t have any crazy requirements, so it was fairly easy to agree on everything. Personally, this was a bit of a fairytale. I woke up one day with a message from Megadeth’s UK rep saying they were looking for a small venue in London to do their Cyber Army Convention and play a few songs... I was over the moon!”

Venue security reveal that the council have been down, concerned at how this modest club will handle the crowd for a band whose next gig is Wembley Arena. “We had meetings with them during the day to discuss all concerns and all was cool,” Andre assures us.


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