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What if metal artists were superheroes

What would happen if metal’s heavyweights were suddenly given superpowers?

We invited some Hammer favourites to get their capes on...

Riceboy (aka Matt Heafy, Trivium)

“I would be Riceboy, and my goal would be bringing more white rice to more people around the world. I would help educate schools worldwide on proper rice-harvesting practices; we would soon have rice fields sprouting all over the globe. Everything would be more delicious with the addition of me! I’d wear a cape made of nori, a hat made of fish, and a little glob of green wasabi to hold it all together. My weakness would be brown rice, though, because rice isn’t meant to be a complex carbohydrate. Me and my sidekick Soysaucegirl would hang out at my lair – a giant rice cooker that would be absolutely delicious. My nemesis would be Conveyerbeltguy, who’d make me unfresh. In terms of my backstory, my family was forced into sushi internment cases in the rice-famine. Much like that, the conveyer-belt way forces us to spin into a perpetual cycle of dryness and untastiness.”

Memory Man (aka Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park)

“I’d want to be able to remember anything. It’s a real thing – people can do it. You can ask: ‘What did you eat for breakfast on November 13, 2001’? and they can tell you. ‘What kind of shoes were you wearing on November 14?’ And they’ll be right. I just thought that was such an incredible superpower to have. My costume would be furs, chainmail, spikes and metal – kind of like the fantasy art I grew up drawing. It would be cooler than Thor, though. I don’t think I’d be a straight-up good guy - one of my favourite superheroes is Wolverine and he wasn’t totally good. You couldn’t trust him; he was a loner and an outcast. That means my nemesis is myself. I don’t know when they’re going to let me write an episode or a movie for Marvel but we’re off to a good start.”


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