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Curtain up on Jagger & Scorsese's Music Biz Drama

Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese's Vinyl, a 10-part drama that takes us inside NYC’s 70s record biz, starts this week.

There’s never been a music drama like Vinyl. Set in New York in the 1970s, the 10-part series, which begins on Sky Atlantic on February 15, aims to give viewers an almost visceral experience of what it felt like to work in the music industry in the era of Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and Patti Smith.

“I’ve had this idea about a film set in the music industry for years,” says Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, the show’s executive producer. “Then I started working with Marty [director Martin Scorsese] on a documentary about the Rolling Stones [2008’s Shine A Light] and I mentioned it to him and asked him what he thought.”

Scorsese, fresh from shooting the pilot for HBO’s period gangster drama Boardwalk Empire, swiftly signed up to the idea. “Music has always played a big part in my films, ever since the days of Mean Streets, so I wanted to create something that reflected the way I experience listening to music, and especially that feeling where music becomes part of your life,” he says. “So what I wanted to create was something where the music becomes part of the narrative, but also the whole narrative is a piece of music.”

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