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The gospel according to Dee Snider

After 40 years, Twisted Sister are calling it quits. But before they leave the building, their motormouth frontman looks back on what life on the rock'n'roll front line has taught him.

There's not a dry (heavily mascara'd) eye in the house. Because it's true – Twisted Fucking Sister are about to fuck off for good…

Dee Snider is a motormouth, plain and simple. From threatening crowds at the Reading and Monsters Of Rock festivals in the 1980s, to feuds ancient (Manowar, Hanoi Rocks) and contemporary (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Edward Van Halen and countless others), the Twisted Sister frontman doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘filter’.

As Twisted Sister prepare for a final world tour, a new documentary, We Are Twisted Fucking Sister, charts their early club roots and rise to success. Here the 60-year-old reveals what really makes him tick.

Giving up is for quitters

Our movie starts with us performing on the Channel 4 show The Tube in 1982. But what most people won’t know is that we had to borrow money from our friends and families, also against future earnings from local club owners, to get us to England. It really was a final throw of the dice. We had existed for 10 years in every shit-hole club in the Northeast of America before the average rock fan heard of us. So people who say we got lucky can suck my dick. Were we stupid? Maybe so. But was our success accidental? Of course it wasn’t. Repeatedly smashing your head against a wall isn’t an accident, it’s a choice.

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