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What's going on with the new Hacktivist album?

They've spent four years struggling under the pressure of making their debut, but it's finally ready to drop. Corrupt leaders? Personal problems? They're all coming under fire from Hacktivist

Instant success is a tricky thing. When Hacktivist unveiled their genre-crunching sound online in 2012, the impact was immediate. A groundbreaking blend of detuned, post-djent heaviness and rapid-fire rapping, it swiftly turned what was originally just an impromptu collaboration between former Heart Of A Coward guitarist Timfy James and grime MC J. Hurley into a genuine phenomenon. But despite numerous major tours, including high-profile jaunts with Enter Shikari and Korn, Hacktivist arrived in 2016 with only their self-titled 2012 EP and a handful of one-off singles to their name. As they finally prepare to release debut album Outside The Box, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask whether they’ve squandered a golden opportunity to be the next big thing.


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