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An exclusive look inside The Book Of Opeth

Take a sneak peak inside Opeth's new book

Prog metal pioneers Opeth are releasing a career-spanning book that covers the band's history in stunning detail.

The new Opeth book – simply titled The Book Of Opeth – features stories and anecdotes from the band, former members, friends and other collaborators across the entire history of one of metal's most progressive bands.

Amongst these tales that cover the Swedes' incredible 25-year career (yes, 25 years!), there are hundreds of rare and previously unseen photographs from photo shoots, the studio and candid tour snaps. Here's a taster!

Within the pictures and tour stories, The Book Of Opeth gives a rare and at times intimate glimpse into the world of a band who aren't known for their high level of media attention. Here, in an exclusive excerpt for Metal Hammer, mainman Mikael Akerfeldt describes his discovery of avante-garde experimentalist Scott Walker...

"I was a big Scott Walker fan and, before I started writing for Watershed, I got a copy of his album The Drift and I had never heard music like that, ever. I pretty much shat myself! I listened to that record on tour, for the first time. I think I bought it on tour, and put it on in my headphones, in my bunk. And I got scared. I mean, there’s a fucking donkey on there! It had a profound effect on me. It’s not my favourite Scott Walker record, but there was something about it; I’d never heard music like that before."

Basically, if you love Opeth, then this book rules and it's the only official book to tell their story in full. So what more could you want?

The Book Of Opeth is available to order now, only from the official website.

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