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Greatest Albums Of The 70s: 100-87

From Budgie to ELO, let the great 70s albums countdown begin...

Our Greatest Albums Of The 70s, numbers 100 to 87.

100) IN FOR THE KILL! Budgie (MCA, 1974)

The fourth album from the Welsh trio of bassist/vocalist Burke Shelley, guitarist/ vocalist Tony Bourge and drummer Pete Boot was a ball of proto-metal energy. Tracks such as Crash Course In Brain Surgery and Zoom Club had a quirky yet effective groove, cementing Budgie’s reputation with successive generations of metalheads. At the time, Budgie weren’t deemed to be cool, but this album was a powerfully convincing message.

What they said at the time: “There’s nothing here to fire the imagination, only to pulverise it. It’s full of spastic, lurching riffs and juvenile vocals.” Melody Maker

99) CLEAR SPOT Captain Beefheart (Reprise, 1972)

After pushing rock as far as it could stretch, Captain Beefheart sought success by hooking up with Doobies producer Ted Templeman. Together they fashioned Clear Spot’s concisely listenable but still uniquely alien gumbo fury – climaxing with the mind-blowing Big Eyed Beans From Venus. But it still didn’t sell.

What they said at the time: “It feels good to know that Beefheart has finally come into his own as a flat-out, full-throttle rock’n’roller.” Creem


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