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Greatest Albums Of The 70s: 15-11

From Buzzcocks to Television, our 70s albums countdown continues...

Our Greatest Albums Of The 70s, numbers 15 to 11.

15) SINGLES GOING STEADY Buzzcocks (IRS, 1979)

Originally compiled for a US-only release, the album sold decently on import in the UK. It eventually emerged here on the United Artists label in 1981 – just after the Lancastrian band first split. It then flopped, despite being a fiercely focused set of lovelorn punk-pop songs.

If the Pistols and The Clash brought the rage to the age, Buzzcocks brought the (twisted, thwarted) romance through Pete Shelley’s witty, woebegone words, as lasers such as What Do I Get? and I Don’t Mind soundtracked our falling in love with someone we shouldn’t’ve.

What they said at the time: “To describe it as wonderful would be doing the lads a gross injustice. Fast, funny and memorable.” __ _Melody Maker___


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