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Greatest Albums Of The 70s: 4-2

Almost at no.1! It's the final countdown for our top 70s albums (the connoisseur's choice)...

Our Greatest Albums Of The 70s, numbers 4 to 2.

4) LED ZEPPELIN LIVE ON BLUEBERRY HILL Led Zeppelin (Trade Mark Of Quality, 1970)

Sure, Led Zeppelin IV and Physical Grafitti are generally accepted as Zeppelin’s twin peaks, though you could find someone to make a case for each of their albums (even In Through The Out Door). But if you want a true connoisseur’s choice, then this hugely influential live bootleg is the one. Bootlegs and Zeppelin have been synonymous for over four decades. Despite manager Peter Grant’s heavy-handedness when dealing with anyone he caught taping their shows, Zep became the most bootlegged act of all time.

Zep’s impact on their initial American tours made them a prime target for the then emerging bootleg recording business. From their inception, it was more than evident that Zep’s studio output was just the starting point. On stage was where the real action occurred, as they constantly improvised and expanded their material. Peter Grant summed it up when he stated: “Led Zeppelin was primarily an in-person band… that’s what it was really about.”

On the night of September 4, 1970, during their sixth American tour, two separate teams of fans were intent on taping the Zeppelin gig at the Inglewood Forum in Los Angeles. Both parties came away with lengthy representations of the band’s then current state of play, recorded on reel-to-reel machines close to the stage.


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